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We intervene within the framework of the strategic management of the information, and put our scientific knowledge for the benefit of the projects of development of our customers.

This double skill answers the increasing demands of companies, research laboratories and institutions, confronted not only with a very hard competition but also with more and more binding stakes in innovation and in valuation.

We work more particularly in three domains:

The Market :

- Optimize the profitable and long-lasting development by proposing the accompaniment of academic collaborative projects / industrial.

Operational implementation of the strategic vision, the accompaniment of the innovation up to the launch on the market of new products or services.

The Actions :

- Create some value by accompanying strategically the implementation and the valuation of the new technologies by leaning on the knowledge in the field of Biotherapics

- Increase the internal efficiency and the extern of organizations

Control of the triptych technology-produit-utilisateur

The People :

- Develop the skills, give responsibilities the co-workers, assure an excellent relational and the accompaniment of the academic and\or industrial and\or commercial teams.

Dynamics of the teams, the piloting of consortia multidisciplinary.

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