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We develop our activity by means of our various partners and customers:
= > laboratories university or deprived of applied research in biomedical Engineering.
= > pharmaceutical companies.
= > the industries of the medical device.
= > the industries of cosmetic dermatology.
= > the entities of Biotechnology - Biotech.
= > bio Banks of cells and tissues.



LFB Biotechnologies : Pierre-Noël Lirsac - Directeur financements publics, thérapies cellulaires

LFB Biotechnologies: Pierre-Noël Lirsac - Director of public funding, stem cell therapy 

I had the opportunity to work directly from April 2010 with Isabelle Rodde-Astier, president of Bio-Act in the assembly of two very large (large loan) carried by the LFB.These projects aimed to implement the first components of an industrial French biotherapy. 

I could appreciate the effectiveness of its action, its high reactivity and very professional. His network of contacts, both academic and industrial hospital settings we were extremely valuable in identifying relevant partners in the assembly phase of projects. 

During the phases of negotiation between partners and drafting of the project, has invested heavily Bioact especially with four hospital partners and the French Blood Establishment (EFS). Playing both the role of scientific and technical adviser, editor and interface between all partners, no network and consensus, Ms. Rodde-Astier has really helped change the project in a very short time, which was a major asset for its selection. His understanding of the functioning of public counters financing innovation was extremely helpful. 

Now as Director of public funding as as Director of cellular therapies for a pharmaceutical company, I can truly say that Ms. Rodd Asites and Bio-Act has a very unique and rare position in this field. This study, unlike the firms 'traditional' consultancy in the field of innovative therapies and technologies, complemented by an outstanding expertise in regulation associated with these therapies. 

That is why I am now really convinced that having the firm Bio-Act in an innovative project targeting biotech medical and industrial applications is a real asset and success factor. 


INSERM : Georges Uzan - Directeur de recherche au CNRS - Directeur de l'unité Inserm 972

I had the opportunity to work repeatedly with Mrs. Isasbelle Rodde-Astier, President of Bio-Act. I could appreciate the effectiveness of its action, knowledge of academic and industrial sectors, and his remarkable organizational skills. 

For example, Ms. Rodde-Astier coordinated the project ANR-RIB Eurocord-Lab, which I am partner, stem cell cord blood, combining clinical and academic structures.The project is now developing beyond its initial scope, and now combines specialists in cryobiology, industrial manufacturing innovative cropping systems and specific culture media, as well as academic laboratories and treatment centers specialists in different cell types of stem cells from cord blood. This network can effectively move towards the use in regenerative medicine, these stem cells. 

On his initiative, a collaboration was initiated between my laboratory and that of Prof. François Pattou in Lille, on the association between pancreatic islets and circulating endothelial progenitor cells, to allow better blood supply and thus a better engraftment of islets when implanted intramuscularly. Through the action of Bio-Act, we have obtained funding from the Biomedicine Agency for this project. 

In this project, and in others, we needed to have a preclinical model in the large animal. Ms. Rodd Astier showed a network to supply us with the blood of newborn and adult pigs, which allowed us to translate our work on vascular stem cells in this model. 

More recently, Bio-Act has invested in the establishment of a network of researchers, clinicians and industry, aimed to develop culture systems to produce co-cultured cells of complementary therapies, derived stem cells from cord and placenta, for the treatment of heart disease. These innovative cropping systems will potentiate the properties of cells co-cultured to increase their therapeutic efficacy. This project is currently subject to various agencies through (ANR, OSEO) for funding. Bio-Act has played a central role in the establishment of the network partners by bringing together highly complementary, but did not know at the outset. She helped organize and prepare the project, which without it could not have existed. 

In summary, Ms. Rodde-Astier and Bio-Act directs it in a unique position because it allows for dialogue and work together effectively actors from different fields: industrial, academic, medical and regulatory. This efficiency allows projects under its charge to be very complete and therefore to increase very significantly their chances of being funded, leading to a clinical development and industry. 


ALCIS : J. F. Delforge - Dirigeant

Alcis had the opportunity to collaborate with Bio-Act on several projects.

We appealed in particular to Isabelle Rodde-Astier, President de Bio-Act, for a product in development at Alcis having for theme the takings, the transport and the preservation of organs or tissues.

So, as Leader d' Alcis, I was able to estimate his dynamic and effective temperament, its relational capacities as well as its sense of the organization.

Her relational network, so academic as hospitable, associated with Isabelle Rodde-Astier's qualities, allowed to make the decisions adapted for our project and to gather a complementary team of scientists, clinicians and industrialists, around this one.

A project of research was gone up and this one obtained a financing what establishes, for me, the most eloquent fact to give evidence of our satisfaction of the quality of the action of Bio-Act.

So as managing of Alcis I give evidence of positive results of the collaboration between Alcis and Isabelle Rodde-Astier.

Due to the experience, the skill and the network which the Bio-Act company has, this one is able to propose unique services which can constitute a main advantage. It is a real asset and a factor of success in an innovative project of biotechnology targeting medical and industrial applications.




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