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Optimize the profitable and long-lasting development by proposing the accompaniment of academic collaborative projects / industrial.

=> Operational Implementation of the strategic vision

=> Accompaniment of the innovation up to the launch on the market of new products or services.


Create some value by the accompaniment of the strategic location, the implementation and the valuation of the new technologies by leaning on the knowledge in the field of biotherapics.

=> Increase the internal efficiency and the extern of organizations.
Control of the triptych technology-produit-utilisateur.

=> Develop the skills, give responsibilities the co-workers, assure an excellent relational and the accompaniment of the academic teams and / or manufacturers.
Dynamics of the teams, the piloting of the multidisciplinary consortia.


For the governances of structures of public or private law that they are institutional, academic, industrial or commercial. We work in close collaboration with the directors of research laboratory and the leaders of innovative company.

In our asset :

=> The audit of file concerning the presentation of innovative projects.
=> The engineering of file: assembly and followed by the files of submission for research for financing ad hoc projects
=> The getting in touch, the structuralization and the animation of consortia mixed (academic, industrial, biotech).
=> The creation of synergies with identification of the partners for collaborative projects
=> The intermediation of the public structures / private.
=> The direction of multidisciplinary projects.
=> The formalization of innovative concepts.
=> The accompaniment and the help to the emergence of the innovation.
=> The business development.
=> The help to the marketing of products and innovative services.
=> The analysis of the macro walked environment.
=> The support in the valuation.
=> The mandates of fine negotiations with a third for an institution and a proposition of partnership.
=> The assembly and the follow-up of files of demand of financing public and deprived.





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